Michael Seedman - mHUB Mentorship Program - mHUB | Chicago, IL
Michael Seedman

Michael Seedman

Executive Partner, Siris Capital

Entrepreneur, investor, consultant, designer, and/or employee at various companies throughout my career. Business participations include Senior Vice President and General Manager of U.S Robotics, Industrial Partner for Ripplewood Holdings, Executive Partner at SAC Private Capital, and Executive Partner at Siris Capital. I presently serve on three private boards and one non-profit board. Involved with FIRST Robotics as the Illinois sponsor for First Tech Challenge. 

Michael's main core areas are:

I2M – idea to market.  Design and Process steps, manufacturing, packaging, presentation, channels of distribution, sales.

Presenting an idea to an investor.  What a financial package should look like.

Hacking and Making.

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